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A Brief History Of Time

September 2, 2012
A Brief History Of Time

Throughout mankind’s days on the earth, we’ve celebrated brilliant minds, from Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle who lived before the time of Christ, to more recent scientists Galileo Galilei, Isaac NewtonAlbert Einstein (who by the way was even once offered the presidency of Israel, which he turned down), and of course not forgetting our present-day genius, Stephen Hawking.

I recently picked up a rather old book by him, entitled A Brief History of Time. (It was published over 2 decades ago.) I must say, I’m not exactly one for non-fiction, but this book was an incredibly interesting read. It’s the only non-fiction book I’ve managed to read from cover to cover actually.

Far too often, I find myself propping my legs up against the sofa, watching The Universe on History. A Brief History of Time seems to cover all that I’ve ever learned from countless hours watching space programs in a mere 185 pages.

Of course, being a leading theoretical physicist, his words are rather confusing to understand, (especially for my 18-year-old polytechnic student’s mind). Yet, with the brilliant skill, humour and wit of a teacher, Hawking explains to us how mankind’s perception of the universe has changed with the years, from having thought the flat Earth was in the universe’s center (egoistic, aren’t we?), to complex quantum physics and string theory, a term I’ve been curious about ever since I’ve heard Sheldon Cooper use it in The Big Bang Theory.

Space lovers will love this book, in all its complexity. However, since it’s been published so long ago, there’s probably many more by him out there today, which I really must get my hands on. I will try to understand string theory! 🙂

A Brief History Of Time

Cover art of A Brief History Of Time, written by Scientific legend, Stephen Hawking.

Title: A Brief History Of Time: From The Big Bang To Black Holes

Author: Stephen Hawking

Genre: Non-Fiction, Physics, Astronomy

Publisher: Bantam Press

Publish Date: 1988

Where To Get It:

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